Cricket and betting tips

Cricket Free Betting Tips

Cricket is a game of unpredictable moments, you might not know which team is going to win and which team is going to lose, or whether the match is going to draw. Therefore betting on cricket may give you good fortune, on the other hand, it may lose you a lot of money in betting. Depending on the odds, it is therefore not sufficient to win your bet. You must carry out research, look at the stats of previous matches of each team, the playing players in each team, and the condition of the pitch. Let’s understand this by example, In today’s match of India vs England.


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The odds are showing that 7:4 which means the probability of India to win the match against England is 70% while that of England to win the match against India is only 40%. Here the odds are showing the chances to win the bet is more if you place the bet on India to win the match. However, if you place a bet on India to lose the match, there is a probability that you may lose your bet. But do not get rushed in placing bets only by trusting in the odds of the game. The odds are most of the time there to lose your bet. Therefore they are not completely satisfied with the results of the bet. Carry out other research as well to win the bet.

Stats of previous matches

Cricket betting tips

Check out the results and stats of previous matches played by each team, this research will let you know about the form of the team. Let’s consider for example of recent 5 matches. India in their recent 5 matches have won 3 matches and the remaining 2 shows one loss and one draw means you can say that India is more favorable to win the cricket match against England. On the other hand, in recent 5 matches, England has won 4 matches and lost one match. So here the condition gets worse. The probability of England winning the cricket match is more or equal than India. So, here our first research did not give us satisfactory results. Let’s take a look at other research. 

Head to head matches of each team

In the previous 2 years, India and England have faced each other 10 times. Out of these 10 matches, India has secured to win only 3 matches against England, that too with a very close margin, while on the other hand, England has gained the respect of winning 7 matches against India. Therefore head to head matches gives you a pretty good idea about which team is more favorable to win the match and which team may lose the match. If you are not satisfied with the result of head-to-head matches, then you can go for other research as well. 

Pitch condition

The flatter pitch means the pacer is more favorable to win the match and the rough pitch means the spinner is going to win the match. Look at the playing eleven and place your bet accordingly.