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What are The Top Cricket Betting Prediction Sites?

Bettors and Punters know the values of cricket betting predictions. For those who are in this field for so long and acquired enough knowledge regarding predictions, betting is a child game to them. What about beginners and intermediates? If you are an intermediate or a beginner, don’t worry, you can win bets too. You just need to figure out the prediction. Here 5 top cricket prediction sites are given. Let’s know about the site in detail.

Cricket World

Funbet betting sites

On the betting prediction site list, probably this is the oldest. You can use this site’s prediction for betting on Funbet betting sites. The understanding will help you to win the odds. It has a good grip on national and international games. It will provide all the necessary information around the world. The franchise game and even fantasy cricket are being entertained by them. You can have cricket betting tips and guides too if you need some betting tips. Live scores can be seen too. The upcoming series will be announced here too.

Dafabet is the betting site

On the list, this one is the second prediction site. Dafabet is the betting site which predictions are given here. If you ask what is so special about this site, it is its hefty bonuses. It attracts lots of people. Best cricket tournaments, especially the franchise ones, are their specialty. Live cricket betting tips are also given by the experts. Keep your eyes on the latest news list. It will notify you regarding the latest matches.


Criclines prediction site is a very large

Criclines prediction site is a very large community. The experts here are from various countries and have deep knowledge. They do well research and then provide their predictions online. They have a section called, ‘Today’s Match Prediction’. Through this program, you’ll have an idea regarding the match. Live scores also are provided from time to time. You can have the list of the upcoming cricket tournaments too. The site 1Bet is the betting site that has a close connection to it.

Bet365 betting sites

It is quite different from Bet365 is the site where you can apply these predictions. Other than cricket predictions, you can have a betting guide too. How to handle odds, how to place bets efficiently, all are explained there. The FAQ section will be helpful for some general questions. All the top-class tournaments are offered here. Love scores are also being shared.

Tips on the 22Bet betting site

You can apply these tips on the 22Bet betting site. It is a popular site where you can have good competition between members and tipsters. Along with cricket betting tips, you’ll have a betting guide too. Even a casino guide is provided by them. They have an amazing cricket sportsbook guide that will help you to win any sports bettings. 

These are the 5 top cricket prediction sites. The name mentioned as the betting sites are also good. Try to catch up with these sites. It will be a good journey with betting sites and prediction sites as mentioned. We hope this article will be helpful for you.