Top Seven Cricketers with Highest Number of Instagram Followers

Top Seven Cricketers with Highest Number of Instagram Followers

Nowadays, most cricketers use social media accounts to keep their fans updated. There aremany cricketers on Instagram. They use this platform to share their pictures as well asexpress their views on various subjects. However, there are some cricketers with a tremendous amount of Instagram followers. Itclearly shows that cricket is one of the most-watched sport […]

Cricket and betting tips

Cricket Free Betting Tips

Cricket is a game of unpredictable moments, you might not know which team is going to win and which team is going to lose, or whether the match is going to draw. Therefore betting on cricket may give you good fortune, on the other hand, it may lose you a lot of money in betting. […]

Cricket betting odds

How Free Betting Cricket Odds Play an Important Role while Betting?

You might have seen many people getting involved in the betting world because they prefer to experience fast earnings in less time. Betting is a field in which people can bet as much as they can afford and get more in return. The people who are not good at betting, then it is a must […]

Online cricket betting and site selection

What Are Tactics Are Useful For Finding The Right Cricket Betting Site?

Cricket is the most popular sport all around the world. It is likely to share that the number of cricket matches that are played every year is rising, and so is the prevalence of this sport. This development makes online cricket betting better and bigger. Those who like online cricket betting loves to hear this […]

International cricket

How Many Cricket Teams Are There In The World?

Cricket is one of the fascinating games which is being played by many countries all over the world. It is highly popular among various Nations and has gained a lot of interest among the viewers. Cricket was started in England, and in a short span of time, it became the national sport of England. It […]

Cricket captains in the world

Who Are The Most Famous Cricket Team Captains Across the World?

Most people connected with the online or offline cricket world might not be aware of the most famous and reputed cricket team captains. It is a must for people to know about all the major aspects when they connect with the cricket world. Having proper knowledge about the cricket teams and other major aspects will […]

Best cricketer in the world

Top 10 Wonderful Cricket Players in the World

In the cricket world, many cricketers are involved and give their best for making their teams feel proud of every performance. The teams involved in the cricket world include those players who are professional and have wonderful skills with unique playing styles. Once the people get to know about the cricket world and the teams […]

Where cricket originated

A History of Cricket

Cricket is a game that involves two competing teams consisting of 11 players in each. The field shape is oval in whole but in the middle, there is a rectangular area which is called the pitch. The pitch is 22 yards in length and 10 feet wide i.e (20.12 meters * 3.04 meters). Each end […]

Placing your bets on cricket

Pay Attention to Cricket Rules

Cricket has become the simple and most popular game in India. It has become the best game where a player throws a ball, and another tries to hit.  Nowadays,  a lot of players are continually placing the bet on cricket. If you also want to place a bet on cricket, then there will be a […]

Popular cricket betting apps
Cricket apps

Cricket Betting Apps and Tips

There is a phenomenal following for cricket across the world. Many people consider cricket not just as a sport for entertainment. They have made it a part of their lives. While people who place bets on cricket made it a source of money. Betting on cricket is popular and continues almost every day. Considering the […]