Where cricket originated

A History of Cricket

Cricket is a game that involves two competing teams consisting of 11 players in each. The field shape is oval in whole but in the middle, there is a rectangular area which is called the pitch. The pitch is 22 yards in length and 10 feet wide i.e (20.12 meters * 3.04 meters).

Each end of the pitch has three 3 sticks which are called wickets. In the upper part of each wicket, there are horizontal wooden pieces which are called bails. The sides change in turn at bowling and batting, each move is called an innings.

The bowler delivers the ball with a straight hand/arm, trying to hit the ball on the wickets so that the bails fall off. This is one of the ways to get out a wicket or batsman. A bowler can deliver six balls at a wicket to complete an over then another bowler bowls another six balls to the opposite wicket.

Let’s Discover the history and rules of the cricket game

History of Cricket

Cricket originated in South-East England and later Cricket Became a national game in the 18th Century in England. It has spread globally in the 19th and 20th centuries. International cricket matches have been started playing since 1844 and Test cricket started, respectively, and was recognized, in the year 1877. Despite the difficulties of moving from one place to another in the early days, the game became popular in other parts of England. The first Women’s cricket was played in Surrey in the year 1745.  

First Cricket Laws were written in 1744 and later amended in the same year When rules such as a middle stump, 3rd umpire, LBW, and limit of the bat with width were added. Codes were started by the Garter Club and the Star, in 1778 the club members eventually founded the Marylebone cricket club (MCC) at Lord’s. The MCC immediately became a law enforcer in cricket and has been making amendments in the present since then.

How cricket spread over a period of time

Cricket was spread over many countries by English colonies in the early 17th century, including countries like North America in the 17th century by English colonies, West Indies in the 18th century by colonists, in India by East India Company. In Australia, Cricket was started by the Britishers as soon as the colonization started in 1788. Later this game arrived in South Africa and New Zealand in the 19th century. 

Australia won the first international match in 1877 in Melbourne, by defeating England. After 5 years, again Australia defeated London in the year 1882. Just after the game, The Sports Times reported “ In affectionate remembrance of English cricket. The body will be cremated, and the Ashes were taken to Australia.” From then on, The Ashes Test match between Australia and England started. The Ashes Test series became the highlight of the cricket game. Other teams in the Test match include India, New Zealand, South Africa, The West Indies, and Pakistan.  The Governing body for the test matches is the ICC (International Cricket Conference), established in 1909 as ICC(Imperial Cricket Conference). In 1890 England recognized the first official cricket tournament between the countries.