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How Many Cricket Teams Are There In The World?

Cricket is one of the fascinating games which is being played by many countries all over the world. It is highly popular among various Nations and has gained a lot of interest among the viewers. Cricket was started in England, and in a short span of time, it became the national sport of England. It is being played on both national and international levels and is under the control of the International cricket council, which plays a huge role in arranging all the matches like the World Cup, test match series ODI matches, and 20-20 matches all over the world.

In this game, there is a competition between two opposite teams, each consisting of batsmen, fielders, and bowlers in a total of 11 players in each team which either make a target or chases the target to win the game. The batsman creates a high scope for the team, and bowlers try to knock out the player to make sure that their team wins the game. Cricket is a type of game which has gained a lot of interest among all the generations whether they are young or old. During the IPL matches, people cannot move from their seats and stick to their place to not miss a single ball.

As you will go through this article, you will come to know about the various cricket teams in the world and their ranking according to the International cricket council. These ranks are decided based on their performance and the number of matches which they have won, and the points they have achieved while playing in the match for a whole year.

Top 9 cricket teams

Best cricket teams in the world,

Here is the list of the top 9 cricket teams in the world according to the ranking given by the international cricket council (ICC):

  1. AUSTRALIA – Australia is one of the best teams in the world, which has created many records and is crowned as the cricket empire. They have consecutively won many World Cup matches, and many ODI matches are not won by many teams. Not only are they good in World Cup matches and ODI matches they are also on the top list in their high skills in test match series. This is the only team that has won the maximum number of World Cup matches and has been on the top for so many years.
  2. NEW ZEALAND – New Zealand is ranked second according to the International cricket council and is given the name of black caps. This team has never won the World Cup match but has made its way to the final and ended up being the runner-up in that year. It is one of the National cricket teams and has played many ODI matches and test series matches.
  3. INDIA – The Indian cricket team is highly versatile and has one of the best players in its team. It is ranked on various positions according to the type of match like it has been ranked 3rd position for the ODI matches, the second position for test matches, and the first position for t20 matches. Indian team is under the captainship of MS Dhoni, who is one of the highly skilled and multi-talented players. They have made their way to the finals of World Cup matches many times, and they managed to win two times in history.
  4. SOUTH AFRICA – South Africa is ranked fourth according to the ranking of the international council of cricket and has shown its best performances in the history of cricket. It has won many ODI matches and has maintained its position of being on the list of top 10 ranked cricket teams in the world. It has never won any world cup match.
  5. SRI LANKA – This team is also known by the name of lions because of its excellent performance in the history of cricket matches. It has won many ODI matches and  T20 World cups.
  6. ENGLAND – England has been ranked on vi positions according to the ICC ranking and has won many ODI matches, T20 matches, and test series, but this team has never won any of the world cup match held to date.
  7. BANGLADESH – Bangladesh is one of the National cricket teams and has shown its excellent performance many times.
  8. PAKISTAN – It is one of the highly versatile teams which is ranked 8th based on their performance in various ODI matches, test matches, and T20 matches. This team has won the world cup once in their lifetime and has qualified quarter-finals in which they lost against Australia.
  9. West Indies – This is also one of the best teams which have gained its position in the list of top 10 cricket teams.

In addition, these are some most popular cricket teams in the world that are continually increasing the popularity of sports like cricket.